Thursday, May 1, 2014

Introduction to Catia Compass

Catia v5 Compass
In the previous lesson we talk about one of the most important tools in the 3d modeling software, which is the tree. and now I will explain another important tools which is the compass.
Here, I'll offer a brief introduction about Catia v5 Compass, And I will explain it in more detail in other lessons.

     CATIA COMPASS                                                                             

The Compass for catia program is located in the upper-right corner of the screen, It's A three-dimensional tool, used to move the objects to get the best viewing angle for analysis and design. To choose a certain part of the Compass, just put the cursor above it. The specified part will then turn to the orange color.

Compass in Catia V5 program consists of three main parts:

>Privileged Plane: XY plane, or the base of the compass is called Privileged Plane, it is using in the Free-Style Shaper workbench.

catia compass

>Compass Manipulation Handle: To transfer the compass and fixed it on the face of the object, you can press continuously on this handle by left mouse button and then move the compass any where, and note that when fixed  the compass on the object the color of the Compass become green to denote that it is now 'assigned' to an object.

>Free Rotation Handle : After choosing this indicator and pressing on the left mouse button, you will be capable to rotate the object just in the same method as while pressure on the left mouse and middle mouse buttons.

Practical experiment is the best way to understand and learn how  the compass work.


To know more details about this subject visit this Catia compass lesson


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