Friday, May 31, 2013

An Overview to Sketcher Workbench

Presentation SKETCHER Workbench
This computer aided design courses aims to give you a general introduction to Sketcher Workbench, so we will learn about how to access this workbench, and how to Select a Sketch Plane, and we will learn about Sketcher Icons and Tool bars, and about Positioning and Selecting the sketch. So at the end of this CAD courses, you must possess the ability to access the Sketcher Workbench, and realize the Sketch Icons and Tool bars. To be ready to the drawing lessons.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Start CATIA, and Open, Save, Close V5 Documents

Most of the 3D modeling software start as any windows software just double click on its icon and the software will start, CATIA V5 one of them. In this computer aided design course, we will  get Familiar with open, save, and close V5 documents, and we will learn different ways to start CATIA V5, and  will learn multi methods to save V5 documents.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Tree and Compass

The Tree and Compass
In the previous CAD courses we show you how to reach, access, and allocation the preferable workbenches in CATIA (V5) program, and Manipulate Objects by Mouse ( Moving, Selecting, Editing by using mouse), In this CATIA CAD courses, we will learn about TREE & COMPASS tool, Most of the "computer aided design program" contains Tree that explain the process sequence of drawing and design, CATIA Contains a powerful, easy, flexible, and distinctive tree, and contains the most strong tools that used to manipulate and move objects which is Compass.