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Start CATIA, and Open, Save, Close V5 Documents

Most of the 3D modeling software start as any windows software just double click on its icon and the software will start, CATIA V5 one of them. In this computer aided design course, we will  get Familiar with open, save, and close V5 documents, and we will learn different ways to start CATIA V5, and  will learn multi methods to save V5 documents.

   Starting CATIA V5                                                                                                   

In this part of CAD courses we will learn how to start any 3D modeling software, and as any windows software, we can start CATIA V5 by three way:

catia iconThe first one is just click double click on the CATIA V5 icon on the desktop, and the program will start, then you can start to using computer aided design.

The second one is by using the start menu to starting any 3D modeling software.
start CAD CAMselect-catiaprogram-menu

The third one is by using the Contextual Menu to starting any 3D modeling software.
To view the contextual menu click on the MB3, then go to the new list and click on the CATIA Part.
Contextual Menu

   Introduction to  CATIA V5 Documents                                                        

Most Computer Aided Design programs contains different types of documents, in this part of CAD courses we will highlight on the type of the CATIA V5 documents, and on how to open, save, and close them.

Preface to V5 Documents:

If we want to create geometry with 3D modeling software or modify it we do that within documents, so the documents are containers, and the 3D modeling software contains different types of these containers (Documents).
The type of the CATIA V5 document depends on the module you will use (workbench).
 CATIA V5 document
Assembly Design
 1  Assembly Design, the file extension is (FileName.CATProduct).

Part Desig
 2  Part Design. (FileName.CATPart).

    * Sketcher. (FileName.CATPart).

 WireFrame & Surface
    * WireFrame & Surface. (FileName.CATPart).      

Generative & Interactive Drafting
 3  Generative & Interactive Drafting. (FileName.CATDrawing). 

 4  Current workbench.
 5  Current document.

Some of Terminology:

  • A Workbench is collection of tools (toolkit) which allows you to generate and manage your design.
  • A Document is a file containing data, is generated and managed with the workbench that is linked with it (specific extension).
  • A Product Structure is a manner to building and organize your products in logical way, You can transition within the structure and work on its various elements and components.

   Opening Documents In 3D modeling Software                                     

In this section of CAD course we will learn how to open new CATIA V5 document, and how to open an existing documents, then we will show you how the document windows Planning. And As we pointed out earlier, there are various types of CATIA documents, Each type is connected with a workbench.

Opening New Documents:

Opening New Documents
computer aided design courses

 1  Click on file menu then select new.
 2  Click on the kind of document you want to create.
 3  Then cilck OK.

Opening an Existing Document;

CAD courses
CAM courses

 1  From file menu select open or click on the open icon.
 2  Select the file position from the  File Selection box.
 3  To show the document types which you want to open, click on the {Files of type}.
 4  To show a preview for the file you select it, Check the {Show Preview}.
 5  Click Open to see your Selected document.

   Closing and  Saving Documents                                                                   

In this CAD Course we will learn the various method to save documents, and it is a general method to save documents in any computer aided design program.
In the beginning we should know that we must save documents after modifying them or to create new document and we can save them with the same name or by using different name.

Using same name to saving documents:

If you made a changes in the existing document, you can save changes by clicking on the save icon or by pressing [Ctrl+S]. and the document will be saved in the same name and in the same direction.
Saving-3D modeling software

Using New name to saving documents:

CAD Software

 1  If you want to save document for first time, or if you want to save document to generate a new document [or copy], click on the Save As...
 2  Browse the file and choose the position where you want  to save the document.
 3  To generate a new document rename the current.
 4   To confirm, Click on the Save button.
Note that, in the figure above the document is stored and saved with a new name in the same folder.

Closing a Document:

 1  From file menu choose close, or click on the Close icon [ x ].
 2  If you make a changes but you don't save it, a pop-up window will appear to asks you if
you want to save changes or not.
 3  click on the [Yes], to save changes, or [No] to close the document without saving the changes, or [Cancel] to leave  the document open.


By the end of this series of computer aided design courses (CATIA V5 Basics), you should be able to deal with the basics of 3D modeling software (CATIA V5), such as: Workbench Concept, Manipulating Objects,  Edit Parts, Manipulating Windows & Multi-documents Support, The compass in CATIA V5 and the properties of the tree,   Starting 3D modeling software and open save and close V5 documents.
Now I think you are ready to learn more advanced tools.

Visit this page to read more about Introduction to Computer Aided Design.


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