Monday, March 31, 2014

Tree In Catia V5

catia tree
After that we knew an introduction about Catia program, and learned about catia User Interface, Before we get into the details, and delve more into the program, We should learn one of the most important tools in the 3d modeling software, which is the tree.
Here, I'll offer a brief introduction about Specification tree for catia v5 program, And I will explain it in more detail in other lessons.

     CATIA TREE                                                                                                                       

  • The tree in catia v5 include all the processes completed through your design session such as mirroring, symmetry, extrude, pocket, parts creation, etc.. These processes are readily re-traceable due to they each have a various icon.
  • Operations that have been processed firstly are located higher in the tree than the operations that have been processed in the last thing, and you must note that if you delete higher level the lower levels Will be deleted automatically.
  • The main branch of the tree is different according to current workbench, for example if the current workbench is Assembly Design workbench, the major branch of the tree will be ProductX (where X is a number), and if the current workbench is Part Desgin workbench, the major branch of the tree will be PartX, This means that every workbench in the CATIA program has own way to be displayed in the tree.
  • The Tree is Located in the most 3d modling software in the left part of the screen, as well as CATIA.
  • You can use the specification tree to the deactivate the drawing zone (Geometric Area) Where it becomes dark blue, This happens by pressing the left mouse button on the white section of the Specification Tree, after deactivate the drawing zone you can zooming and moving the tree any where inside Geometric Area, and if you click again on the white section of the Specification Tree the Geometric Area will be reactivate.
  • By pressing on + sign or - sign, you can expand or shrink the Catia Tree.
  • It is necessary to notice the icons in the Catia V5 tree. A small certain mark, can show on the icon to indicate us that some of the properties require an update, have a broken link, are disable, etc.
  • To entry to some operations for object like paste, copy, properties,cut, etc. just click on eright mouse button on an object.


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In the next lesson we will give you an introduction about Catia Compass.

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