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Introduction to CATIA

Introduction to CATIA V5 cad
Initially, CATIA name is an abbreviation for
Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application

We had already said in the introduction of historical, that the French Dassault Systems is the parent company and IBM participates in the softwares and marketing, and catia is invades broad industrial sectors, and has been explained in the previous post position of CATIA between 3d modeling  software programs.
Now we will speak about another point which is whether there is a drawing program better than the other?... we must know, that drawing programs provides us drawing tools while not any of them can provide you the ability to design, You should,thinking and looking and imagine then building a design in your mind, either drawing program will help you to transform these designs graphics on papers, for that, we prefer CATIA because it provides us with all the tools that we need.
Before we come to learning  any 3d modeling software's, You must know their classification as a drawing program, Where CATIA classified under the following software packages:

CAD (Computer Aided Deign)
CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

In general

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)

Version that most of the people works on it now is CATIA V5 or fifth version, which is a rewriting and revision the code of the fourth edition.
For the fifth version, there are versions from 1 to 20, for example, CATIA V5 R17, it Means CATIA fifth edition version seventeenth, While years system was adoption in the sixth edition, for example, CATIA V6 2011 means CATIA sixth edition version of Year 2011.

CATIA consists of modules each Module specialized in specific design field, And I will review now the most famous of these modules:
Modules, Sketcher, Part Design, Assembly, Drafting, product structure
Some of CATIA Modules
    catia cad courses sketcher Sketcher: This module is responsible for the implementation of two-dimensional shapes, in preparation for make a three-dimensional commands on it.

    catia cad training parts design
    Part Design: This module is responsible for converting  two-dimensional graphics to three-dimensional objects which is most famous in Catia and is closely linked with sketcher module. The part design Module it is considered from most important modules, that used by the designer to get the additional advantage from cad programs, which is stereotaxic drawing or three-dimensional drawing.

    catia cad cam assembly courses  Assembly: This module is responsible for assembling the parts previously produced in Part Design, and it is most important for those who work in the field of machinery design or design in general, because it is the one who shows the inter-relationships between the parts of the machine or any mechanical establishment.

    Stress Analysis courses cadStress Analysis: This module is responsible for  testing parts designed to withstand the loads expected occurrence on it, and shows how the mechanical parts are affected by the colors, where they can learn the most dangerous points in terms of emotion through the distribution of colors.

    drafting by catia cadDrafting: This module is responsible, for converting what you see on the screen to standard engineering drawings can be traded in the workshop for manufacturing or save them for documentation.

    Surface and WireFrame courses catia traning Surface and WireFrame: With this module surfaces can be drawing with zero size and weight and has its uses in the aerospace, automotive, ships and Mold Design.

    Simulation: this module is responsible for obtaining a similar movement of the natural movement, which is expected to occur during the actual operation of the machine or mechanical establishment whatever.

    Free Style: which is a free drawing, product designers needs it, such as Mobile  or furniture or antiques designers.

    and other modules such as:
    Sheet Metal, Mold Design, Welding, Aerospace Sheet Metal.

    The surprise is that all of the above follows the one field which is mechanical design field , while there are other fields such as:


    Each of them containing modules, even electronic circuit design, that is mean  CATIA have  too many modules, and it is covers almost everything you need, so I prefer to work on it more than others.

    CATIA is considered  as a  CAM program, in addition to it is  CAD program, in the meaning that you can export files to CNN machines and then manufactured, CATIA Also supports graphics from other programs such as AutoCAD, for example, it is possible to copy a drawing from AutoCAD and enter it to CATIA and then make on it CATIA operations, CATIA  files can be kept with dwg extension which is supported by AutoCAD or the default extension has.


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