Friday, March 15, 2013

CATIA Achievements

3ds Dassault Systemes catia cad
CATIA succeeded or CATI succeeded as they call it in the beginning, and the world began to look forward to Dassault Systems to make deals with them to buy this extraordinary program, While Executive Directors began taking their steps to reap greater profit, their first step were to editing CATIA from limited only on the aircraft industry to all industries, where CATIA package for design become able to serve all industries, and demand was began increased on this powerful tool for the development of design and manufacturing, After that, 'CAD-CAM team', which began with fifteen people, was turned to Dassault Systems, Inc.
Giant "IBM"  have emerged in the picture as a distributor and marketer of CATIA in the field of three-dimensional graphics. In the eighties of the last century, the doors were opened to the development of the industry, and provide them with CAD CAM techniques, then appeared to light the initial version of CATIA V1 as a product of a partnership between IBM and Dassault Systems, and the initial customers are Dassault Aviation and Grumman and others, and Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and others.

Then, Dassault established based in America, in order to controlled to world of mechanical design, where American Boeing itself has become a client of the biggest customers for Dassault if not already the largest.

Boeing-designed-by-catia-3d modeling software

In the nineties, became CATIA edition of V4, and its potential enormous, and with IBM logistical serious support, initial  candidate for competition to any software engineering best in the field of mechanical design, and here comes the role of rulers to decide who the strongest, the jury composed of major industrial companies and leading industries aircraft and vehicles around the world.
Then changed their motto the old black and white and they gave him more brighter colors, to suit "their glitter name" in the design software market, then changed their motto as a whole and transformed it into the logo now known as 3DS or three-dimensional solutions of Dassault.
three-dimensional solutions of Dassault

Dailamaa and Anovia packages are appeared in the Market then Catia code was fully rewritten , to show on the light what we use now, namely CATIA fifth edition CATIA V5.

Let us return to Referees Committee to prove to us that CATIA is the strongest in the world as a program for drawing and mechanical design:

  • Boeing choose CATIA as a basic design program , and thus becoming the biggest customers for Dassault Systems and their designed the 777 fully with CATIA and continue to design the 787 with catia now.
  • Indian Air Force relies on CATIA as adopted by the Chinese Air Force has already designed the plane Axian.
  • European Airbus depend on CATIA as a basic program for drawing and design.
  • Canadian Air Force in the list, along with the Brazilian Air Force and English as well as American helicopters parts manufacturers.
  • Car makers such as: Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Bentley, Volvo, Fiat, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Citroen, Scania, Skoda, Proton. depend on CATIA as a basic program for drawing and design.

My personal opinion: I prefer CATIA due to contain everything you might need without need for using other programs.

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