Thursday, March 14, 2013


catia for cad cam solutions
I was looking a lot about a program that can achieve my wishes in the world of drawing and mechanical design. Program that can combine between drawing and design, animation and simulation production and  Manufacturing, Without need to use more than one  program, to produce a single project, UntilI found everything I  need   in  the most comprehensive program on earth "CATIA". This program,
 which  change my point of view in the science of mechanical drawing, where it became more easy, more flexible and more  accurate.

Initially, everyone must realize that the secret of success in the future is full access to the past, The past is the Ladder which will step up on it for the future.

So, What about catia history?

In the beginning,I mention that CAM softwares was developed before CAD softwares, with that expected that the opposite is what happened, the methods of (computer aided manufacturing) has been developed, before developing (computer aided design) softwares, But what is the motivation behind the development of this or that.

When the need have emerged, in the forties and fifties of the last century, for the manufacturing of complex aircraft parts, it was necessary to working on the development of CAM or computer-aided manufacturing, in order to be very complex parts manufacturing, such as helicopter fans. When engineers have access to the ideal curves for highly complex parts, the role of production engineers came, in order to manufacture these parts by simple machines available to them, but these simple machines can not manufacture complex parts design, So, they should have added mind to the machines, this mind is computer controllers which produced what is known now as computer aided manufacturing.

With the fast development and increasing complexity of the designs, even painted on paper became very very difficult,  in the sixties of the last century, painstaking attempts was began to develop software that can help engineers to the drawing and design.
Engineers have begun to collect and arrange what old scientists have reached from drawing equations and calculations in order to reach formulas can understand and solve intersections and drop objects, etc., which may mechanical designer require in his work, It was also the military field generally and the aircraft industry particularly field, which contained competitions companies to take out the programs drawing and mechanical design by computer.

At this time of the late sixties and early seventies there was in France a man named Dassault has formed a team called Team CAD-CAM was the task of this team is developing formulas and relationships that can be built upon drawing program strongest in the world who can overcome the difficulties mechanical design in general and aircraft design particularly. And was on the ground, a company called Dassault for Aviation owned by the man who I told you about him .. Marcel Dassault.
France began its program to develop self-own drawing program, and the French are right because they are developing generations of aircraft such as Mirage, Concorde and other and they need their personal program to work,

3d modeling catia cad cam for Concorde
Concorde designed by CATIA-CAD-CAM
When the CAD-CAM Team 'that formed by Dassault Systems' was arrived to the final steps of their program, which was worked on it for years, was appeared to light what we know now .. CATIA.


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